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VIQUA Water filters

We are proud to be the official distributor and installer of VIQUA Water Filters in Thailand. With a VIQUA Whole Home System you can enjoy safe drinking water from any tap in your home. Read more…

A Water Pump from Grundfos. Buy it from Kat-Tech.


Grundfos Water Pumps

Why should you not be able to shower while someone else in your family is watering the garden? With a pump from Grundfos, low water pressure is not one of your problems.  Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions that offers water pumps with very high quality and we are proud use their products in our installations. 


Press-Fitted Water Pipes

We offer installations with press-fitted pipes from Pimatec. These multilayer pipes gives you a safe and very reliable installations with no leaks. A Pimatec Multipipe installation comes with a 10-year Warranty and gives you a worry-free installation whether you use the pipes for either water or aircon installations.

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